Bulls E-Core Electric Mountain Bike featuring Shimano Steps E8000 motor

We were the first in the U.S. to be allowed to ride the all new Bulls E-Core electric full-suspension mountain bike, and the only ones to ride it at Sea Otter. The big difference with this one is the motor. This is Bulls’ first bike with the Shimano Steps E8000 motor. The bike rides like a dream – mating Bulls excellent eMTB design experience with what we think is the most natural-feeling electric motor on the market. We were impressed with the bikes we rode here with the E8000, and the E-Core was no exception. This thing has a massive battery for long range, more travel than mere mortals need (but we all want it!), geometry that can tame really technical trails and a high-tech look that will make other riders drool.

We hope to have a full test on one of these soon. After this first ride, we’re champing at the bit to get another ride on one!


Bulls E-Core Electric Mountain Bike with Shimano Steps E8000 Motor full suspension exclusive first ride review