Boris Mordkovich, the co-founder and CEO of Evelo Electric bikes announced a Black Friday sale.
“This Black Friday, I want to personally invite you to join us for Black Friday Countdown SuperSale – our very special holiday sale.
As our biggest sale of the year, you can get up to 21% off all of our electric bicycles and the Omni Wheel starting at 10PM EST (7pm PST) this Thursday. The discount will then drop by 1% every 4 hours until it completely disappears on Sunday morning!
Our customers love our high-quality electric bikes and the impact the bikes make in their lives, whether helping them get in better shape, stay active and spend time outdoors, or just save money and time on their commute.
They can serve as a great gift to yourself or someone important in your life (or both!) this holiday season. If you’ve been considering about getting an electric bike now or in the Spring, this is the perfect opportunity to save hundreds of dollars and add lots of happy moments to your life!”