Energica 2023 – Italian Exotic E-Moto

Power increased as well as torque!

Italy long loved for its potent and evocative gas powered cars and motorbikes also is fast becoming the base of the move towards electric motorbikes. Energica announced recently their 2023 line up.


“The 2023 Energica line-up will come with increased torque and longer range. Both features will be present on the first three models – Ego+, Eva Ribelle and EsseEsse9+ – which already offer riders more torque or range than any other electric motorcycles on public roads.”

If we take a look at the stats for their sport bike model the EGO+ RS, with a torque of 222 Nm and a top speed of 150 mph with a 0-60 rating of 2.6 seconds we are talking serious performance. The bikes use lithium polymer batteries with a quoted life cycle of 1200 cycles and 80 percent of capacity. With a combined range quoted at 160 miles, there is enough juice for an exploratory ride in hills and mountains behind anyone’s city. We expect though as always get too handy with the throttle and that range will decrease.

These bikes do use regenerative braking which can be varied in four levels, thus maximising the potential range and also when used in combination with the cruise control, allow a smoother adaptive speed control using the motor. Potentially regen braking on e-motor bikes is more powerful than engine braking on gas powered bikes. The weight of this bike is 260 kg or 573lbs, which is generally heavier than gas equivalents.

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