Eminent Cycles Launches Two New E-Mountain Bikes

Eminent Cycles just announced their first two e-bikes, called The Drive. There are two models, each with three different component levels. The bikes were built from the ground up to work with the motor system, in this case a Shimano EP8. They took 3 years of rider and customer feedback to create the bikes.

The Drive MT offers 160mm of front and rear suspension, and the Drive LT offers 140mm of travel.

Traction in all circumstances (descending, pedaling and breaking) has always been the cornerstone of the Active Float System suspension design: long rocker arm, full floating dropout, and active braking. It has continually proven itself capable and confidence inspiring under both media and customers alike, and we’re ready for the next step.


It’s set up to work with the suspension to offer better traction via 15mm of rearward axle path. It’s designed to not hang up over rocks and bumps. If the bike encounters an obstacle and the rear wheel tracks with it, back and out of the way, and then resets for the next hit.


The graph below (Figure 1) says it all. Dead linear, 30% progressivity or, in other words, a virtually straight diagonal line as the bike moves through travel. But what does it all mean? Because it is linear, the rear shock behaves predictably, with no funky changes in gradient, which tend to translate to harshness on the trail. There is also better mid-stroke support which equates to less “wallow,” whether it’s in corners, pumping, or in big compressions. As the bike moves deeper into travel, the shock becomes increasingly stiff, so there’s always extra travel on tap.


A cleanly integrated flip chip at the top shock mount allows riders to adjust geo by half a degree: 63.5°/64° (MT), 64.5°/65° (LT). The adjustment is easily done trailside. All that is required is a 6mm Allen Wrench.

Eminent Cycles LT.



• AFS High Pivot Suspension
• 29” Wheels F&R
• Carbon frame
• Two Travel Options: LT 150Fx140R, MT 170Fx160R
 • Flip Chip HTA: LT 65°-64.5°, MT 64°-63.5°

• 76°-77° degree effective seat angle
• 440mm Chainstay
• Sizes: M, L, XL
• Available in three different build configurations:

Comp LT: $8,399 & Comp MT: $8,499

Advanced LT: $9,799 & Advanced MT: $9,899

Pro LT: $11,699 & Pro MT: $11,899

Eminent Cycles LT Comp.