Electric Motorcycle Purchase Guide

Electric Motorcycle Purchase Guide for 2021

There’s an increasing demand for environmentally-friendly transportation. Electric motorcycles are particularly in-demand because they still pack as much power as their fossil-fueled counterparts. However, much like any new technology, electric motorcycles are a significant investment.

You’re going to have to get your purchase right the first time, and considering the number of models to choose from, it can easily become a daunting task. The trick is to simplify the process by identifying important factors. Here are some things that you need to consider when buying an electric motorcycle in 2021.



For any major purchase, you first need to consider how much you’re willing to spend (not necessarily how much you have). This determines your price range and which motorcycles you get to choose from. This also allows you to manage your finances properly. You don’t want to fall short on addressing motorcycle-related expenses, and you don’t want to go broke over a motorcycle either. It’s also important to account for recurring expenses such as motorcycle insurance. You need to get an insurance plan such as this Mexican motorcycle insurance, that suits your needs.



Electric motorcycles have a limit on how far they can run on a single charge. An electric motorcycle’s range can also be affected by extraneous factors such as riding style, traffic, road characteristics (elevation, road type) and weather. It’s more than just accounting for distance. You also have to consider the nature of your commute. Make sure to always check the manufacturer’s specifications and to take those figures in the context of how you intend to use your electric motorcycle.


Charging Time and Charging Stations

The time it takes to charge your battery to full capacity is just as important as how far one charge can get you. The proximity of charging stations also needs to be accounted for. You don’t want to spend more time charging than riding. Chargers also differ from one another. Some chargers take 13 to 16 hours to charge a battery pack to full, while others can take as little as 45 minutes.



Motorcycle Type

There are many types of motorcycles, each with their own ride characteristics, power-to-weight ratio, and handling characteristics. The ideal motorcycle for you would depend on your riding style and the characteristics of the road you plan to travel. For example, dirt bikes are perfect for off-terrain trips, but they may not be as effective at handling sharp curves in the same manner that superbikes can. It’s important to find a riding style you’re comfortable with, as any discomfort can detract from your concentration, and it may even cause an accident later on.


Power vs Battery Efficiency

It’s important to be able to strike a balance between engine power and battery efficiency. An underpowered motorcycle in an area that is mostly formed by inclines may cost you more in the long run because you strain the engine more, and an overpowered motorcycle may not be as power efficient in stop and go traffic. It’s really a balance between these two factors as well as the terrain you’re going to be taking on. This may eventually become a non-issue though, considering that standard swappable batteries might become a norm.


Electric motorcycles are relatively new to the market, but judging on how we are slowly shifting to electric vehicles, the information contained in this article may only become more important in the future. We hope that this guide helps you make the right purchase.