Electric Motorcycle Goes 283 mph!

Max Biaggi held the record for the fastest speed ever achieved on an electric motorcycle last year on the runway at Chateauroux airport in France. He just bested that on the Space Shuttle landing runway at the Kennedy Space Center.

The 50-year-old Italian did it on his Voxan Wattman, designed by the Monegasque group Venturi and which has the same engine as the Mercedes entered in Formula E (435 hp.), He above all broke the prestigious speed record in the underwater semi-faired electric motorcycle category. of 300 kilos with a speed of 456 km / h.


“In less than a year, we have managed to lower the weight of the bike, increase its power and improve its stability. After our November 2020 records in the ‘over 300 kilos’ category, these 21 new records are once again a magnificent reward for the Venturi Group, for Max Biaggi, but also for our dear partners, Saft, Michelin and Mercedes ”, congratulated Gildo Pastor, president of the Venturi group.

Following FIM regulations, the speed of the Wattman was measured from a flying start over a distance of 1 kilometer in opposite direction within a two hour period. Per Federation rules, the final speed is the average of the two speeds recorded in the two jumps. The Wattman’s GPS recorder shows a top speed of 292.204 mph.

This video gives some idea of the speed.