Electric Moto GP? This Could Be The Start

Okay, work with us on this one. Mongoose has released the most-awesome looking kid’s bike since the Schwinn Stingray. It is called the Mongoose Massif and it is sold by Walmart for $197. Mongoose (or Walmart) call it a “mountain bike” but let’s be real. The tires look more like those found on a Grand Prix motorcycle raced on the MotoGP circuit.

What we see in the Massif is not a mountain bike, but the start of the ultimate electric conversion project. Put the Massif in the hands of a mad electrical scientist like Corbin Keegan and you will have the wanna-be racers on Mulholland Drive looking for a new place to play.

Legal disclaimer: Walmart and Mongoose (and guess we should say, Electric Bike Action) do not condone the use of the Massif as an electric-assist bike, blah, blah, blah. Proceed at your own risk.
No suspension except what you can get out of those fat tires.
Ready for a little knee-dragging fun? Give us a set of full leathers and a karting track.