By Ron Lawson

The EICMA show in Milan, Italy is a festival of all things two-wheeled. The fact that it took place more or less on time this year is a sign that things might soon return to normal, as supply issues are slowly being resolved. As a result, manufacturers of electric motorcycles, E-motos and E-bikes were in Milan to display products side by side with their gasoline-powered counterparts. The Italian Trade Agency allowed us access to the show and here are some of the cooler things we got to see.


The Verge TS is a high-end electric sport bike that is said to produce 1000 Nm of torque and accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in under 4 seconds. U.S. availability might be down the road somewhat, but the price in Euros is €24,990. Orders for the Verge TS are being taken now here: https://www.vergemotorcycles.com/


The SurRon Storm is the most motocross-oriented E-Moto since the Alta. It features a gearbox and full-size motorcycle components, including suspension. Availability in the U.S. might still be months away but you can visit the U.S. SurRon Importer by clicking here: https://sur-ronusa.com/


The Australian Stealth H52 is a more motorcycle-oriented e-bike than the B52 tested by Electric Bike action last year. It trades pedals for footpegs and a full-length motocross seat. It’s still a very powerful hub-drive machine. You can learn more about Stealth by clicking here: https://stealthelectricbikes.com/


Zero is still the electric motorcycle company with the most significant presence around the world. The Zero DSR hasn’t changed significantly, but the applications have. Now, the company is pursuing the adventure bike market with accessories that can outfit the bike for long hauls. The DSR is said to have a range of 162 miles and max torque output of 115 foot-pounds. The pricing starts around $15,000. For more information on the Zero DSR, click here: https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/model/zero-dsr.


One of the most popular Zero motorcycles is the FX. At $11,595, it’s more affordable than virtually any full-sized electric motorcycle sold in the U.S. In terms of power versus weight, it looks great, weighing 247 pounds and producing 78 foot-pounds of torque. For more information on the Zero FX, click here: https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/model/zero-fx


The Felo FW03 is typical of the latest generation of electric mobility scooters coming out of Asia, but with the twist of being aimed at off-road riding. It kinda reminds us of an electric version of the gasoline-powered Yamaha Zuma. It is said to have a top speed of 50 mph and a 62-mile range. Felo is connected with Taiwan ATV maker Kymco. Contact Felo here: http://www.felo-ev.com/#/pageIndex


MV Agusta is an iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer that still makes sport bikes in the lake-side factory that once built World War II fighters. Now they are offering electric bicycles that carry their name. Check out the AMO RC here: https://www.mvagusta.com/e-mobility/product/amo/rc


Many manufacturers have a long history of unveiling products at EICMA. Some didn’t attend because of Covid 19 restrictions this year, but used the occasion for on-line virtual introductions. TM did that to announce its new line of pedal-assist bikes. You can contact the U.S. TM importer here: http://www.tmracing-usa.com/