Electric Bike Action’s Bike Of The Day: Bulls Adventure Evo AM

Bulls Adventure Evo AM

Trail Bike

Range anxiety a few years ago was truly a “thing.” Most batteries were 400 Wh, so to go on longer rides and still have battery power to get where you want to go and back, you might have had to spend a lot of time in Eco mode. And where’s the fun in that? Thankfully, a few companies (including Bosch) began making a longer-range 625-Wh battery, which is better. But you know what’s even better than that? Combining a 625-Wh integrated battery with a 500-Wh battery on the same bike That’s nearly three times the watt-hours, meaning three times the range.

We recently tested the Bulls Adventure Evo, and being able to go on longer rides and using more power was almost life-changing. The bike rides really well, with 150mm of suspension travel, 27.5×2.8-inch tires and other great components. This is a great bike that can go a long way, and even make for a good bikepacking bike. The cost of the bike is $7399.


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