Electric Bike Action Scooter Test: Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter

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Scooters are considered part of “electric micro-mobility.” We first saw a bunch of electric scooters when Bird launched them in the beachside city of Santa Monica. Now, they are nationwide, with players like Lime, Lyft and others jumping on the bandwagon. We started seeing non-shared scooters with this trend, as people started wanting their own. 

With its combination of good looks, sturdy build, removable battery, long range and decent price, we thought the Turboant X7 Pro looked like an interesting choice to test. 



The X7 Pro is a folding electric scooter with a powerful front-hub motor that’s easy to take with you and folds into a very small footprint for storage. The easy folding mechanism makes setting it up and folding it back down a breeze. At 33 pounds, it’s not light but still pretty easy to carry upstairs or onto the train or bus.

The cockpit is quite clean. Note the power button and button to switch modes (the three lines) integrated into the thumb throttle. The display is bright, even in full sun. The single brake lever is for the rear brake.


The latch is integrated into the stem and the rear fender, and the two click together solidly. Pressing down on the rear fender unlinks them so you can easily unfold the scooter. The wheels are a good size—10 inches—so they’re more stable than scooters with smaller wheels and easier over bumps. The standing platform is fairly ample, and the X7 Pro has a maximum rider capacity of 275 pounds.


There are two braking systems to slow this scooter down. The first and most obvious is the mechanical rear disc brake. This one is easy to modulate, but also easy to lock the rear wheel into a skid. The rear fender can also be used as a brake, as putting your foot on it articulates it down to rub against the tire. There is front and rear lighting that turn on automatically, and the rear light also lights up brightly when braking. 


The motor is mounted in the front wheel, and between the combination of the 350W motor on a 10-inch wheel, it can break the front wheel loose if you accelerate too quickly on launch. Still, it’s very controllable; however, you just need to make sure you don’t have a lead thumb (throttle is by your right thumb) or keep it in Eco until you get going.

This is a big battery, mounted along nearly the entire stem.


The battery is housed in the steering tube/stem, which can be removed for charging; it can also be charged
while installed.


The X7 Pro is a good choice for those who have a longer walk on the last mile of their commute or who want to be able to take a lightweight electric scooter around to run errands on, etc. 


When folded up, the scooter is compact and doesn’t take much room. The handlebars come in two pieces and thread into the stem. The only thing that required a tool (an Allen wrench) was the bell, and the wrench is included. The bell may be tiny, but it is loud and proves to be great for warning pedestrians in your way.

“In fact, she wanted to ride it all the time after that first ride!”

All the motor controls are centrally located in the red thumb throttle with the power switch and mode button integrated into it. Turning it on brings the LCD screen atop the stem to life. It’s very minimalist, showing five bars of battery, current speed, and mode via three very tiny and hard to see symbols.

Getting started requires a push-off, even with the throttle held down. In the top mode, if you smash the throttle while setting up, the torquey front hub motor will break loose as we found out. That mode requires a bit of finesse on launch.

To make things easier for beginners, the X7 Pro has three modes. Eco offers a lower acceleration, lower top speed (about 12 mph) and longer range, while Sport is quicker acceleration, up to 20 mph top speed (depending on rider weight and conditions/hills), but there’s also a Beginner mode that made it very easy for first-time scooter riders to learn the controls. Beginner mode only goes to about 8 mph.


The ride is very quiet, with almost no noise coming from the motor, but there is some sound from the tires going across the pavement, as you would expect. Grip from the voluminous tires is really good, but overall handling suffers from the battery being located up high in the stem.

While small wheels like these can be twitchy, this isn’t so much the case here due to the weight of the battery. However, all that weight between the battery and motor all up in front instead makes it a bit top-heavy and a bit harder to steer. The convenience of the removable battery does come at a price as some scooters have non-removable batteries under the base, which makes them a bit more stable with a lower center
of gravity.

Turboant claims this scooter can get “up to 30 miles of range,” but our experience was between 15 and 25 miles when we were toggling between Eco and Sport. It does start slowing down a bit when you get to two bars left on the battery. We loved the automatic lighting at night, but would like to be able to actuate it during the day for safety.


Having your own scooter can be very handy for the last-mile sections of any commute. The Turboant X7 Pro is a well-built machine, and despite its effect on the handling, the removable battery is a real plus. The build quality
of this scooter seems like it would last years of regular use. It’s definitely fast and has good range if you stay out of the fastest mode. The $500 price tag makes it pretty attractive overall. They do make a non-Pro version that is $100 cheaper and has regenerative braking, a smaller battery, and smaller wheels with a shorter range.


Price: $499.98

Motor: 350W front hub motor

Battery:  36V 10Ah Li-ion

Charge time: 6 hours

Top speed: 20 mph

Range: 15-25 miles

Drive: Front hub motor

Brakes: Rear mechanical disc, rear fender

Controls: Turboant

Fork: Aluminum

Frame: Aluminum

Tires: Tubed pneumatic tires, 10×2.125”

Weight: 33 lb.

Color choice: Black

Sizes: One size


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