Electric Bike Action Product Test: FSA Flowtron Dropper Seatpost


Dropper posts are a must-have component no matter what type of bike you ride—from hardtails to long-travel enduro machines. Any rider who plans to climb with efficiency and descend with confidence will benefit from an adjustable saddle height. When it comes to dropper posts, there are many options out there to the point where it’s almost overwhelming. While this article isn’t designed to tell you which post is best for you, it does feature a post the Mountain Bike Action crew has been getting along with quite well. Here’s our take on FSA’s Flowtron dropper post. 

Tech features:

Full Speed Ahead, or FSA for short, is a company that makes a large majority of the parts you need to build a bike. From wheels to cranksets, handlebars and more, FSA has you covered. This month we took a closer look at the Flowtron dropper post. The post features either 125 or 150mm of travel and is available for 30.9 or 31.8 seatpost diameters. The remote features an adjustable actuator that allows riders to custom-tune the lever between a light and firm feel. The post itself is designed with a head that integrates into the stanchion, allowing the saddle to be dropped as low as possible while also reducing insertion depth. FSA designed the Flowtron to be routed internally and includes the shifter-style remote in the packaging. Our 150mm travel, 30.9 post tipped the scale at 619 grams. 

Field test results:

When it comes to installing internal dropper posts, the difficultly will vary based on the frame you plan to install the post on. Bikes with internal tubes can be ready to hit the trails in a matter of 15 minutes. Having a bike frame with more difficult routing could double or triple installation time. Once the post is in place and you’re ready to install the cable to the remote, you have the option of tuning your lever feel among three different positions. We settled for the middle setting and moved on. The two-bolt clamp made installing the saddle a breeze and gave us the ability to tilt the saddle to our preferred angle. 

On the trails, this post does exactly what it’s designed to do, making the post drop and extend with the touch of a remote-mounted lever. Throughout our testing we had zero issues with its function and could really only knock the post on its limited travel options and unique remote shape. Some of our riders would have liked a 170mm option, as well as a slightly different-shaped remote, while the rest of our crew were more than content with the current setup. Overall, the Flowtron is a dialed post built to last and will not empty your wallet.


• Works time and time again 

• Adjustable lever feel 

• Integrated head design offers reduced insertion depth


• A 170mm option is not available for taller riders 

• The remote shape is unique and takes time to get used to

Four out of five star rating.

Price: $249.99

Contact: www.fullspeedahead.com

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