Electric Bike Action Podcast – Jo Borras (Electrify News)

We have a fun crossover episode today. My guest is Jo Borras from the Electrify News podcast.

You have to check out that podcast to hear the latest news in the electric vehicle space.

They are part of the Electrify Expo, a series of events held throughout the country that not only showcases electric cars, bicycles and all kinds of other vehicles, but you can test ride almost everything there.

They had three events the first year, five events this year, and they’ll expand to 7 events in 2023. I’ve had a lot of fun at their events in California and Austin Texas, and I highly recommend them to everyone, get out there and experience all kinds of electric vehicles.

In this episode, we talk EVs, electric bikes, what’s coming in the near future, and more.

Electrify News