Electric Bike Action New Products: WTB Limited-Edition TDS Saddle


while we take pride in our annual event connecting and strengthening the local riding community, we are honored and grateful for the opportunity to now use mountain biking as a tool to help support and rebuild the region that’s made it all possible.”

Originally formed during the 2017 California wildfires that destroyed 5,300 homes in Sonoma County, the Sonoma County Resilience Fund has since provided ongoing support to local residents throughout the large fires of 2019 and now the current of Covid-19 and the Lightning Complex Fires that have ripped through the community. Rather than focusing solely on recovery following a specific event, the Sonoma County Resilience Fund is dedicated to the long-term resilience of the greater Sonoma community.

The TDS saddle is a limited-edition run of the WTB Deva Medium Steel, which means it features the Deva shape in a Medium (145mm) width with durable steel rails. These saddles are available solely at WTB.com with an MSRP of $49.95, where 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund.

Not sure if a Medium width saddle is right for you? Check out WTB’s unique Fit Right System to determine which saddle width and padding thickness is best for you. The Deva has proven itself as the chameleon of WTB saddles in the sense that riders of all genders find comfort in its sleek, minimalistic shape.

TDS Limited-Edition Saddle

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