Electric Bike Action New Products: WTB Limited-Edition TDS Saddle

WTB Limited-Edition TDS Saddle


WTB and organizers of the annual TDS Enduro event are donating 100% of proceeds from a limited run of TDS saddles originally intended for athletes who were racing the 2020 event. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, organizers Ron and Debbie Sanchez made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 event. Making the best of the situation, they’ve chosen to instead sell the limited-edition saddles and donate all proceeds to a fund that supports families affected by the wildfires that continue to burn throughout Northern California.

“California has been our home since day one and it’s currently under greater strain than we’ve ever seen before,” stated Ron Sanchez, founder and organizer of the TDS Enduro. “Recent wildfires have resulted in lives, homes and livelihoods disappearing overnight. Bikes have become an integral part of our life and…