Electric Bike Action New Products: Trail Roc-LOOK’s New Trail Platform Pedal

Trail Roc

LOOK’s New Trail Platform Pedal

By Look

To design the new TRAIL ROC, LOOK was able to use their years of pedal design experience and the industry know-how gained from creating and testing the X-Track SPD-compatible MTB pedal range on the fiercest of terrains. Offering a freer riding style without losing that all-important feel of the bike through your feet, the TRAIL ROC pedal is a platform from which to push riding boundaries to a whole new level.

The TRAIL ROC inspires confidence and control through a wide 110 x 110mm platform, giving mountain bikers of all abilities solid ground to stand on. Whether smashing rocks on steep technical trails or floating it out with style, it is more than capable of handling enduro, trail, downhill and BMX riding.

The 12 metal pins on the pedal are fundamental to its uncompromising grip giving traction when most needed. Pins are set at different heights – 10mm on the front and rear, and 8mm in the center – to give a concave shape that cradles the foot securely in place. Taking on the challenge of technical, rocky trails is easy as the pedal has a thin 17mm pedal profile to give extra ground clearance.

Durable but still inescapably light, the TRAIL ROC is forged from robust aluminum and weighs in at just 215g. The pedal features two sets of premium ball bearings in the spindle and a DU bushing to keep them spinning smoothly and reliably, regardless of the conditions and abuse from the trail. Plus, a strong, durable forged Chromoly axle gives a secure connection to the cranks to get maximum efficiency out of every stroke when out on tough all-day rides.

The TRAIL ROC is part of a collection of flat pedals released today from the brand that has made a name for itself as the pedal of choice in the professional peloton on the roads, and for off-road champions and competitors – the likes of Team KMC ORBEA and Sunn Enduro Team.

The collection includes pedals designed for riders to have…