Electric Bike Action Magazine Is Hiring


Electric Bike Action Assistant Editor

Electric Bike Action Magazine is looking for an Assistant Editor to join the family!

Hi-Torque Media Group is seeking a driven and passionate individual to join Electric Bike Action’s editorial team. Electric Bike Action is a magazine specializing in bike tests, news and reviews. Here is your opportunity to join our team of passionate and knowledgeable cycling enthusiasts.

The Position

As an Electric Bike Action Assistant Editor, you will be on the front lines communicating with cycling companies about their newest bikes and products. The Assistant Editor will help produce bi-monthly magazines and deliver cycling news through our print and digital outlets.

Job Requirements

  • Must be able to meet deadlines and possess strong time management skills.
  • Strong computer skills are a must.
  • Strong communication skills are a must.
  • Strong understanding of e-bikes.
  • Able to write technical and engaging articles for our print and digital media.
  • Capable of writing 20-30 pages of print editorial which also includes keeping the website and social media platforms current daily.
  • Understanding of Social Platforms (Facebook, Instagram) and how to grow them.
  • A willingness to travel and build relationships within the cycling industry.
  • Intermediate to advanced riding skills is required.
  • Photography and video skills are helpful.
  • Willing to work weekends to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to write a script and be comfortable talking in front of a camera for technical or newsworthy videos for Electric Bike Action’s YouTube channel.
  • Able to pitch creative story ideas and follow through with a finished product (editorial/photography/video).
  • Able to evaluate test bikes and products through in-depth reviews.
  • The ability to work with Adobe programs is a plus.
  • Experience working with WordPress is a plus.
  • Graphic design experience is a plus

This lucky candidate will test all kinds of e-bikes and products, and spend nearly as much time on the trails as they do in an office environment. It’s a highly rewarding and exciting job.

If this sounds like the opportunity you always dreamed about, send a resume and cover letter to Sean McCoy @ [email protected]