Electric Bike Action Bike Test: Cannondale Moterra NEO



On the downhill sections, the Moterra Neo 1 is a beast, and it can go as fast as the rider is able; we have yet to find the absolute limit of the bike. On rocky descents, the suspension is able to make big trail features fade into kind, gentle bumps rather than nasty surprises. 

What’s more interesting is that when you jump the bike, because it is so capable, the moment you hit the lip you are waiting for a big hit when actually what happens is a nice, gentle flight forward. This reaction keeps the bike low to the ground at all times, which, when riding fast, gives predictable handling. It’s not a sofa, though; although, we did not try the double-crown version, which we assume would give a sofa feel, as this version was optimal. While we generally don’t like bikes that have that sofa-like feeling to them, the Moterra keeps us interested and discovering more bike skills we didn’t realize we had.

Cornering at speed is predictable, and if you have the skills for two-wheel drifting, then you are going to love this bike. The Moterra comes with Magura’s newer MT7 220mm disc brakes, which feel like the most powerful brakes we have tried on an e-bike to date. This power suits the bike perfectly, but gives an unparalleled level of control in all conditions and zero brake fade on long descents. Stoppies became the norm, and nose-wheelie cornering on tight switchbacks is de rigueur. The availability of instantaneous amounts of stopping power is fundamental to a better ride experience. This should be a standard on all e-bikes going ahead that are destined for extreme use.