Electric Bike Action Bike Test: Cannondale Moterra NEO



The Moterra is going to check the boxes of riders who have good trail skills and like to push the limit within themselves on the trail. It’s an amazing combination of responsiveness and forgiveness at the same time. It feels like a big monster at first, but as you become more connected to it, you will wonder how you managed to go as fast before and live without the ability to go past any normal limit.

The Cannondale is not going to be a bike for those who want to simply ride around the trails. That would be a waste. This bike is going to leave you wanting to gap every jump and put it as sideways as possible. In rough terrain, you are going to want to blast through, and you will feel like a hero before you quickly want to stop and do it all over again.


The Moterra’s specifications are top-of-the-range. Everything that has been chosen to complement the package has a purpose. During our (1000-kilometer) test period, we had zero problems with any part when maintained normally. The package is silent and responsive even in rough conditions. This is the first bike we have seen to be shipped with 220mm disc rotors. A first within the market, but in our opinion, this standard should be on all e-bikes. The construction feels solid, and the bike feels like a heavy-duty machine. 


The Moterra is clearly an e-enduro bike meant for hard riding. With 160mm of travel and a Fox 36 fork and DPX shock, the ideal place to take the Moterra is downhill; however, during our extensive testing we found ourselves also using it for very comfortable long-distance rides, as the bike is fairly aggressive. However, the user is dependent on the motor to maintain momentum if riding a lot of flat trails, even though past 25 km/h the transition is smooth, as the bike is not a lightweight e-bike.

When climbing on rocky terrain you will find yourself really flying uphill with stunning amounts of grip due to the specified 29er wheelset, working well with the four-bar link suspension. The seat angle is fairly slack, but despite this with the Bosch motor power and good body position, you find a very nice climbing platform. It eats everything that comes its way on the trail. Cornering is stable as well, and tight switchbacks are easily done despite the long wheelbase.