Eddy King Interviewed About Mobility

Eddy King is interviewed on San Diego station KUSI and talks about his crash and recovery.

BMX Hall-of-Famer Eddy King suffered a spinal cord injury while mountain biking in Big Bear, California, in 2013. He has worked very hard to regain his ability to walk and to ride bikes, we’ve followed his progress and helped get him into electric bikes. He had so much fun on the first ride that he now owns TWO e-bikes!

He was interviewed on Good Morning San Diego, where he talks about the crash, his recovery, and the great video Shimano just put out featuring him.

We just interviewd him for our soon-to-be-launched podcast. Stay tuned!

Eddy King on KUSI recovery e-bikes eMTB crash spinal cord injury bike riding

You can see the video HERE. 

Eddy’s Tools of Empowerment video by Shimano is HERE.