E-Bike Saddles: The Shape Of things To Come

Saddles are the most hated component of most new bicycle riders and e-bike designers seem to be getting it. More and more designs are going away from using traditional off-the-shelf bicycle saddles for designs that lean more towards motorcycle saddle design. A few examples.

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Germany’s El Moto uses a long padded saddle. Even if the design had crankarms, this saddle would work great.
Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 6.58.28 AM
The Lenz Sport Ski Bike uses a saddle design that e-bike designers should take a cue from. The long saddle gives the rider plenty of riding position options and moving around on the saddle is smooth and easy.
The Stealth Hurricane takes the long, lean approach to saddle design.
The Mori concept takes the conventional saddle design and throws it out the window. After our first post, many riders shared the same comment…”Where’s the seat?”