Out of the box and riding in minutes

Consumer-direct sales of e-bikes has provided consumers with nothing short of a smorgasbord of choices. And, although issues of quality continue to be the elephant in the room that people look past when they see the price of most internet bikes, it can be almost impossible to know what you’re getting. In the case of this e-bike, we have been thoroughly impressed with what you get for the price. After we opened the box, it only took us about 15 minutes to get it set up and ready to ride. Not bad for a direct-buy product. 


Commonly seen on e-bikes under $1000, the R1 comes with a hub-driven motor in the rear wheel. The big difference in this bike is the torque sensor that is missing in most e-bikes at this price point. The R1 uses a battery that doubles as a seatpost, which takes away the need for an ugly frame-mounted battery. A 36-volt, 5-amp battery has an estimated range of 25–38 miles. 

Unlike most e-bikes, the battery is contained within the seatpost and can be locked in with a specific key for the seatpost clamp.

The aluminum frame rides on 20-inch wheels, and although DYU claims it’s a folding bike, the folding feature of the bike only refers to the handlebars. A suspension fork makes the ride a little smoother and will minimize vibration and road abuse. The DYU’s wheelbase measures in at 59 inches, while the stand-over height is 23.6 inches. Maximum seat height measured from the ground to the center of the top of the saddle is 38 inches. The lowest possible seat height from the ground to the top of the saddle is 28 inches.  

The suspension fork isn’t high-end by any means, but it sure does help make the ride smoother.

We are impressed to see locks on not only the seatpost/battery clamp, but there’s also a pin that goes into the rear disc that stops the wheel from spinning. The lock on the seatpost only needs to be unlocked, and when you re-clamp it, it automatically locks without the key. 


You’ll get cable-actuated disc brakes, and at a top speed of 15.5 mph, they proved sufficient enough. The rear light acts as a brake light when the brake lever is actuated. The generic rims are fitted with 2.125-inch-wide CST tires. A small rear rack will come in handy, but only if you use your own straps to secure things down. 

On the handlebars you’ll find a bell, which will be useful in heavily populated areas. The fixed drive consists of a 16-tooth rear cog and a 44-tooth chainring fitted with a KMC chain. Front and rear fenders will aid in keeping you dry on your rides. 

The overall fit and finish of the bike are nice and neat, with a rear rack that is small but sturdy.


Torque sensors are unheard of on e-bikes of this caliber, but apparently the product managers at DYU missed the memo! We could feel the power kick in as soon as we put our foot on the pedal as opposed to waiting for the cranks to make a full revolution before giving assistance. It adds to the value of the bike because it gives it a more natural feel. 

The integrated taillights become brighter when the brake lever is pulled in, making you more visible in the dark.

You won’t have to worry about any apps to mess with on the DYU. Just charge it up and it’s ready to go with three power modes. Best of all, there’s zero drag when pedaling with the motor off as well. Although being a fixie, it’s nice to just have power all the time. The 250 watts of torque is provided by the hub-driven motor and has three levels of assist to choose from. The battery is 36 volts and 5 amps, which equates to about 180 Wh. 

“Flat bike-path riding at lower speeds is where this bike shines, because at top speed, your legs are spinning so fast in order to get there that it’s not comfortable for more than a block.” 


We think this bike would suit people of a smaller and lighter physique. With a smaller battery and not the most powerful bike on the market, it will benefit lighter people. Due to the lack of gears, we don’t suggest this bike if you live in a hilly area. It will likely overheat if you try climbing long hills with it. This e-bike is a perfect machine for tight urban areas where it will maneuver much more easily. Plus, its top speed is limited to about 15 mph, so long-distance commuting will be more of challenge. 


Flat bike-path riding at lower speeds is where this bike shines, because at top speed, your legs are spinning so fast in order to get there that it’s not comfortable for more than a block. We had the best results when pedaling along between 8–12 mph.

Stock, the R1 comes with a headlight, and it’s not horribly bright but will make you more visible at night.

Although not of high quality, the suspension fork was a nice feature to aid in overall comfort. The bike had a fairly stable, secure feel compared to similarly priced bikes of this style. Power is impressively smooth and immediate due to the torque sensor. And, when switching between the three power modes, the incremental differences are noticeable and practical.  

You’ll only get one gear, so about 8–12 mph is the sweet spot for a comfortable cadence.


Anti-theft features are something we liked seeing and wished more bikes had. The seatpost clamp lock has a pin that sometimes sticks out and makes it difficult to latch. It’s really just a matter of knowing how it works, though, and when you do, it works fine. Also, having two separate keys for the two locks on the bike is not convenient, but we’ll take it for the added security. 

“The big difference in this bike is the torque sensor that is missing in most e-bikes at this
price point.”

Not having a throttle on the bike will make it less appealing for some people. For us, it wasn’t a negative. Overall, for the money it’s a really smooth and well-built city bike. We are impressed with the anti-theft features, especially the fact that if the battery is not in the bike, it will be useless to a thief because a normal seatpost won’t fit in it. Having a choice of three colors is another nice feature.


DYU R1 20”

Price: $799

Frame: Aluminum

Fork: DYU soft 

Rear shock: N/A

Motor: 250W hub drive

Battery: 180 Wh

Display: Backlit display

Charge time: 3–4 hours

Top speed: 15.5 mph

Range: 25–38 mile average 

Derailleur: N/A

Chain: KMC

Brakes: Cable disc

Saddle: DYU soft

Dropper post: N/A

Rims: Aluminum 20” 

Hubs: DYU

Tires: CST 20”x2.125”

Weight: 45.2 lb.

Color choices: Black,
blue, green

Sizes: One size