Do European-Style Commuter Bikes Translate Into Americanese?

Steve and Jackie Coulson were selling and providing after sales support for ranges of battery powered bicycles in England. Over their time dealing in these bikes it quickly became apparant that there was room for improvement in customer care and it was often difficult to get parts or advice in a timely manner. Many of the models also lacked essential features which were considered desirable by the Customers at the time.

In 2007, they decided to intro their own range of electric bikes and have these manufactured in China for cost effectiveness. The aim was to produce an affordable bike but not compromise on quality. Ralph and Sue joined the business and Fallowgate Limited was formed. The BATRIBIKE brand name was also registered as a Trade Mark and the website and branding began.

While the brand (and their service) has been well received in Europe, we have to wonder if a bike like this will translate to the American market. Let us know.

The Batribike looks like it will get the job done, but are those looks too pedestrian for American taste?