Video: The Longest Long Term Test On Youtube – DMR V12 Pedal

Yes Its A Pair Of Pedals...

Wait, what? A pedal test, for 12 years? Yes, we have had the same set of pedals (meaning only one pair) on all our test bikes for more than 12 years now. The DMR V12 is considered a classic never to be bettered easily, flat pedal. We have had the same pair of the magnesium versions in constant use, four times a week for 12 years. Thats a long time for one product.

Video: DMR V12 Pedal Test

The Verdict

It is hard to better this pedal many have imitated few have actually created a pedal that has never gone out of date and is super robust and strong to boot. So strong we bought another pair and also grabed some of their V6 pedals while we were there. It has an ideal foot bed and concave giving lots of grip, after using these for so long we are not sure why you would want to use anything else, super reliable and their bearings are still going strong, a little sloppy now, so we will be getting an upgrade kit.

These pedals weigh 395 grams have a chromoly axle and have spare parts so you can rebuild as and when you need to. The cage is made of magnesium and has replaceable pins that can be adjusted for height and thus grip. The pedal has extra concave and your foot will stick to the pedals better than any other flat pedal out there.

DMR V12 Magnesium pedal

We thought don’t believe the marketing, watch the video and see how the old pair looks next to a new set. One of our favourite and most important biking products we use every day.

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