Destination: Austin, Texas

While riding the bike and running path along the shores of Ladybird Lake, we came up on a runner with a T-shirt that read “Keep Austin Weird.” Depending on whom you ask, “weird” in the capital city can mean a wide range of things, but from what we witnessed, Austinites don’t have to worry; there’s plenty of “weird” left to last a good while. In so many ways Austin is a unique city, and one that will not easily be confused with the other major metropolises in the Lone Star state. 

There were a variety of reasons that took Electric Bike Action to Austin as an e-bike destination, and many of those factors should make it equally attractive to you. First of all, Austin is a business hub for the high-tech industry. With so much business travel headed there, the cost of air travel is surprisingly reasonable. We were looking for a destination that was likely to have mild weather in the winter, and while central Texas isn’t as sure a bet for winter weather as Palm Springs or Las Vegas, it generally has mild winters. Certainly, we lucked out big with the blue skies and sun we encountered.

Two e-bike riders in Austin, Texas
Austin, Texas, has done some great work on hike-and-bike access in the city. There are several corridors crossing Lady Bird Lake, and each has automobile traffic completely segregated from bicyclists and pedestrians.


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