DeChaves Garage’s E06 Scooter

The E06  electric scooter was designed by Pablo González de Chaves Fernández, also known as DeChaves Garage, with the target rider being a young urbanite. Pablo’s design is supposed to attract people with an open mind, who find themselves attracted by design, fashion and new technologies. In the design of this motorcycle he wanted to avoid the classic image of city motorcycles. To do this, the creation has opted for clean and minimalist forms based on the new product design. It can be easily customized to mirror the image and personality of the rider. The E06 respects the environment with its electric motor. It is intuitive, agile and easy to pilot with a relaxed and comfortable driving position (inspired by ergonomic seating known as the kneeling chair or Scandinavian chair).

Sharp-eyed riders will pick up on a familiar logo centered in the E06’s wheel hubs. That is the old Yamaha Motor Corp. logo. Know what it is? Tuning forks. Yamaha made instruments before they ever dreamed of making motorcycles.
De Chaves Garage is in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Spain, where Pablo understands that a scooter needs to make an emotional connection with its rider. One way to do that is to offer a lot of colors.