Damon Motorcycles New Models


Hypersport Arctic Sun and Hypersport Midnight Sun. Photo: Courtesy of Damon

Following the release of their 200-mph Hypersport, Damon Motorcycles has announced the arrival of the Hypersport Arctic Sun and Midnight Sun, which are differentiated only by color. The bikes have been developed with DNA from (the now-defunct) Alta Motors and Damon’s recent intellectual property acquisition of (the equally defunct) e-moto innovator Mission Motors.

Riders can change riding positions on the fly using their Shift technology. With the press of a button, riders can go from a comfortable, upright position to a more aggressive one in seconds as they ride. This is a performance bike, so it may wear faster than a more standard configuration, but Damon assures us that the bike should last to 100,000 miles, which is up to 20 years of riding 3,000–5,000 miles per year.

Their Copilot 360-degree advanced warning system offers tracking of multiple objects on all sides to help make the rider more aware of potential danger, using cameras, sensors and haptic feedback. With an embedded 4G connection, road and traffic data collected from each Hypersport will allow the company to remotely update the on-board computers, increasing the motorcycle’s ability to detect vehicles with every mile ridden. The company aims to be production-ready late next year. Both models are priced at $39,995.



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