Damon Motorcycles Announces Two New Electric Motorcycles

The fastest production brand expands its line of e-moto.

We published a piece about the new Damon Hypersport when it was announced at CES in January. It is a truly connected electric super bike, capable of 200 mph and a 200+ mile range per charge, with unmatched connectivity and obstacle tracking/avoidance features.

That first bike has already pre-sold out.

Today, they announce their newest models, the Hypersport Arctic Sun and Midnight Sun. The differences are the colors, white or black, but the features remain the same.

New electric motorcycles from Damon high-performance long-range Hypersport midnight sun arctic sun limited edition 200mph


The bikes have been developed with DNA from Alta Motors and Damon’s recent intellectual property acquisition of Mission Motors. They’ve taken what Mission did in the mid-2010s and improved on it, starting with their PM200 electric motor, Mission Inverter and Skyline Telematics, offering them a start with truly cutting-edge technology.

Riders can change riding position on-the-fly using their Shift™ technology. With the press of a button, riders can go from a comfortable, upright position to a more aggressive one in seconds, as they ride.

Compared to a traditional, ICE-powered bike, maintenance on an electric bike is minimal. There’s no gasoline, fewer fluids, mostly just tires and brakes to replace. This is a performance bike, so it may wear faster than a more standard configuration, but Damon assures us that the bike should last to 100k miles, which is up to 20 years of riding 3-5,000 miles per year.

Their Copilot 360-degree advanced warning system offers tracking of multiple objects on all sides to help make the rider more aware of potential danger, using cameras, sensors and haptic feedback. With an embedded 4G connection, road and traffic data collected from each Hypersport will allow the company to remotely update the onboard computers, increasing the motorcycle’s ability to detect vehicles with every mile ridden. The company aims to be production-ready late next year.


Interestingly, Damon seems to be getting a lot of new interest from Millenials, a market that’s been very hard to reach by any other motorcycle manufacturer up to this point. Getting fresh blood on two wheels is what the motorcycle industry deeply needs right now, as numbers are dwindling with older riders aging out. Millenials made up 50% of the resales on the Hypersport HS and Premier models.

Damon is starting with some limited run bikes, but plans to scale up to get production numbers much higher, into the thousands of units. They just raised an additional $3M in funding.

Both the Arctic Fun and Midnight Sun retail for USD $39,995 and can be reserved now for a USD $1000 deposit until they sell out.

Their website is www.damonmotorcycles.com

And their Instagram is @damonmotorcycles