Curtiss Motorcycles announces Hera, Goddess of Electric Motorcycles.

Alabama-based Curtiss Motorcycles has announced that they will make the Hera, a hot rod electric motorcycle inspired by Glenn Curtiss’ 1907 V8 motorcycle, which he used to set the speed record and become the fastest man on earth, at 136.3 mph. Curtiss Hera V8-powered electric motorcycle

Curtiss hasn’t released specs, but says it features “the world’s first V8 battery architecture, an ultra-powerful, yet refined, E-Twin motor, and a 66-inch wheelbase, Hera will occupy a class all her own.” according to Curtiss CEO Matt Chambers when the bike was unveiled at Pebble Beach this week.

Hera promises to deliver even greater speed than its record-setting predecessor, but in a far more luxurious package. Hera’s long wheelbase and low stance give her a classic and sensual proportion, a deliberate nod to the proportion of the original golden age of American motorcycling.

With the announcement of Hera, Curtiss continues to ratchet up the heat in the growing electric motorcycle space. The news comes on the heels of Harley-Davidson’s recent signaling of their own upcoming electric model. With both brands set to release bikes over the next 18-24 months, the stage is set for an all-electric all-American motorcycle showdown between two brands with deep roots in American motorcycle history. Detailed specifications and pricing have not yet been released.