Commuting With Confidence

Commuting With Confidence

Commuting by bike to work is an option open to many of us, yet many of us don’t take advantage of this, despite the new bike lanes being put in in cities and towns everywhere. It makes perfect sense to get some exercise and save wear-and-tear on your car, even if you only do it on nice days.

If you need a little push, here are some statistics from PeopleForBikes:

• Using a bicycle to commute four days a week for 4 miles (one way) saves about 54 gallons of gas per year.

• Cars and SUVs account for 40% of daily oil consumption in the U.S.

• Traffic congestion wastes 2 billion gallons of gas per year

• The energy and resources needed to build one medium-size car could produce 100 bicycles.

You get the idea. Commuting to work, and for other errands, is better for you and for the environment. And with an electric bike, you can make use of the motor to get you there without sweating. Then you can leave the power down or off on the way home if you want more of a workout.