We've launched the Electric Bike Action podcast

We’ve just launched our podcast,  the Electric Bike Action Podcast. We will be interviewing luminaries of the e-bike industry, including experts on battery technology to push our bikes to the limits!

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So far we’ve interviewed Andrew Juskaitis of Giant Bicycle, Eddy King, Chad Loyd from Hi-Power Cycles, Professor Jeff Dahn of Dalhousie University, and Ravi Kempaiah.

Eddy talks about how e-bikes helped him recover from a serious spinal cord injury, Chad talks about the fun stuff HPC makes, Jeff Dahn is the foremost expert on lithium-ion batteries, and Ravi has set three world records on e-bikes and will soon be working with Jeff.

A new episode comes out weekly, you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Overcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Please subscribe, and if you like it, give us a rating and review.

Click here for the Electric Bike Action Podcast

Pro tip: in some podcast listening software, like Podcasts on iOS, you have the option to play interviews back at 1.5x. This is something we do a lot when listening to podcasts, it makes it go faster (without changing the pitch), and you can get the information more quickly.