Canyon’s New Grail:ON electric gravel bike

Electrified Escape

Canyon has just announced the Grail:ON e-gravel bike. It’s similar to its acoustic brother, the Grail, but they’ve tweaked the geometry and added a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and 500Wh battery to make it pedal-assist, now with Bosch’s new firmware will offer 85Nm of torque and support for speeds up to 25 km/h in Europe and 20 mph in the U.S.

Canyon Grail:ON electric-assist Bosch CX powered electric gravel bike
The Grail:ON CF 8 is available for $5799.

The frame and fork are carbon fiber. For comfort, they offer their Double Decker handlebar and a flexible leaf spring VLCS 2.0 seatpost. High volume, 650b 50mm tires help take out some of the bumps, as well. The wheelbase is longer to accommodate the extra power from the motor to provide stability, with a more upright riding position to make long rides more comfortable.

The Bosch CX motor can give support up to 340% of the rider input in Turbo mode, and also features Eco, Tour and Sport modes. We think it’s interesting they opted for Sport over eMTB mode for this off-road bike.

Canyon Grail:ON electric gravel bike e-gravel
The Grail:ON CF 8 eTap is priced at $6999.


The bikes are available to order now, they’re sold direct-to-consumer, and you can order from