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The City Is Changing

Future Mobility Concept

By Canyon Bicycles

The city is changing. Decades of car-centric urban planning is being turned on its head and a simpler, more elegant form of mobility is returning to the forefront: the bicycle. Dodging traffic and eliminating the dreaded search for parking, e-bikes have made getting around town easier than ever and they are only improving.

Bringing together modern, intuitive design, integrated features and unparalleled performance, one revolutionary concept and two new e-bikes represent the next step in urban mobility. Whether you’re commuting to work, pedaling to the grocery store or just going out for a joy ride, our designers and engineers considered every tiny detail to create innovative solutions that make navigating the city faster and simpler than ever before.

A better more mobile future

Metropolitan areas are growing and with that growth comes more traffic, worse air pollution and greater amounts of CO2 released into the atmosphere. In cities across the globe, officials and urban planners are scrambling to come up with creative ways to address these issues, but they need all of the help they can get. To help shape the future of transportation, we teamed up with the Technical University of Aachen to design a new and innovative solution.

Bridging the gap between e-bike and car, our future mobility concept presents a revolutionary alternative to both the automobile and the bicycle. Combining the next generation of lightweight and powerful e-bike design with four-wheel stability and storm-proof protection from the elements, our Future Mobility Concept represents a decisive step in re-imagining how bicycle technology can reclaim space on the streets. It is a clean vehicle, a statement, and a sign of what’s to come.

Future Mobility Concept

Bridging the gap

We’re so used to jumping in our cars that they often become the default choice, but sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it’s hard not to watch with jealousy as cyclists fly by in the bike lane. Yet even as the popularity of e-bikes skyrockets in urban areas, 45%* of potential users still want a form of transport that is protected from wind, rain and snow.

Enter our Future Mobility Concept. Designed to seamlessly jump from the street to the bike lane,…