Can-Am has been innovating in the motorcycle space since 1973. Now, 50 years in, they announce their two latest models, these are electric.

The Pulse is their naked, upright street bike, and the Origin is a dual-sport capable of hitting the trails. Both use their all-new Rotax E-Power motor, street legal and capable of highway speeds and level 2 charging. They feature modern, hard-edged body work, direct drive (no transmission) and a massive TFT screen.

Can-Am Pulse electric motorcycle Rotax

Can-Am Pulse electric motorcycle Rotax E-Power
The headlight design is futuristic. We wonder if that massive display will be distracting while riding?

“Today, our story of innovation reaches new heights,” said José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP, at Club BRP 2023. “We have set out to reclaim our motorcycle heritage and are very proud to re-enter the market with the introduction of the first two models of our all-electric Can-Am motorcycle family. Half a century ago, Can-Am roared to victory on the track and the trail, and today, a legacy is reborn. In true BRP fashion, we are bringing our very own electric powerpack to our motorcycles, and crafting thrilling riding experiences for a whole new generation.”

Neither model seems to come with a passenger seat or rear footpads, but these are prototypes.

Dates, expected to be mid-2024 with a 2025 model year, and pricing to come.