California’s Prop 6 Could Cut Bike Infrastructure Funding

People For Bikes warns that Prop 6 is bad for bikes

California Prop 6 will take $100 million away from California bicycle and pedestrian funds


On November 6, California voters will decide whether to continue investing in transportation or pull back billions in funding for critical safety and maintenance projects already in progress.

People For Bikes and the California Bicycle Coalition suggest that a no vote on Proposition 6 will keep the state from cutting $100 million a year from the annual funding for bike and pedestrian projects.

Prop 6 would eliminate $5.2 billion of revenue for California streets that was approved by the legislature and the governor last year. Bike riders benefit greatly from this funding package, after prevailing in a hard-fought campaign to double the size of the state’s bicycle and pedestrian fund.

Visit California Bicycle Coalition to learn more about Prop 6 and how it will damage California’s transportation infrastructure.

More information is available in the California Voter Guide, including pro and con.