California Ebike Specializes In Mid-Drive Conversions

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Got an old bike sitting in the garage? The folks at California Ebike want to transform it into something you’ll be using riding instead of something that is collecting dust. California Ebike can show you how to take the Bafang 8Fun mid-drive electric bicycle kit and install it on your bike.

With the Bafang 8FUN BBS-01 mid-drive system you never have to unplug the hub motor to remove a wheel and you can easily change the mid drive from any size bike to any other size bike with little effort. The BBS-01 are available in 250, 350, 500 and 750 watt systems in 36 and 48 volt power ranges.

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California Ebike offers a variety of conversion kits, but the 8Fun is their only crank-driven system.