California Bike Plate Initiative

California Bike Plate Initiative

Information provided by MPH California Department of Public Health

California Department of Public Health Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Branch (CDPH NEOPB), is sponsoring a new Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) specialty license plate, “Bike For A Healthy California”. The goal is to sell 7,500 plates by September 1, 2020 which will result in production of the Bike Plate.

The new bicycle-themed license plate will generate funds for a grant program that promotes cycling as an avenue to address obesity and increase physical activity in partnership with statewide coalitions, community-based organizations, nonprofits and city/county health departments focusing on:

  • Safe places to ride bikes, bike lanes, paths and trails
  • Earn-a Bike programs for at-risk and disadvantaged youth.
  • School and youth programs: Safe routes, bike skills and nutrition education for 4th and 5th graders, clubs and teens teams for teens
  • Greater access for bikes in urban and suburban areas
  • Safety education for bike riders and drivers of motor vehicles.

The license plate will act as an icon that shows the person who has it on their vehicle is a cyclist, is physically active and is a conscious steward of the environment who cares for the overall sustainability of California.

According to the UCLA Health Interview Survey, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • 25 percent of the population in California is overweight or obese4.
  • Just 22.2 percent of youth ages 6-11 and 11.5 percent of youth ages 12-17 meet the current physical activity recommendation of 60 minutes a day1, 2. Only 56.3 percent of California adults meet the recommendation of at least 150 – 300 minutes of activity a week 3.

Being physically active helps reduce the chances of becoming overweight, obese and reduces the risk of chronic disease.

“Having a state bicycle license plate raises awareness and funding in ways that are hard to replicate. License plates have a footprint that is difficult to find in other media and communications formats. People see them every day and every vehicle owner at some point must buy a plate. In numerous states, funds from bicycle license plates provide an important source of funds for organizations that promote bicycling, physical activity, and traffic safety. We are excited to see the efforts of organizations in California aided by this new funding source,” says Ken McLeod, Policy Director, League of American Cyclists.

As of now, the California based group includes Clif Bar, The California Bicycle Coalition, Felt Bicycles, Adventure Sports Journal, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, NorCal and SoCal High School Cycling Leagues, People For Bikes, Cycle Kids,, Ride Napa Valley, Voler and 10 Speed Coffee. This is a knowledgeable experienced group of experts from cycling and related organizations who are well informed about current cycling topics and issues.

To purchase a plate or find out more about the program visit

For specific questions on the “Bike For A Healthy California”, specialty plate or to be involved in the program contact David Bodick, MPH California Department of Public Health (916) 324-1173 [email protected]


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