Cake Debuts New Ösa Motorcycle/Scooter at SEMA

It can be an electric scooter or an electric motorcycle

Cake brings us a new motorized scooter, called Ösa.

Cake Osa electric motorcycle scooter

Like Cake’s other motorcycles, it features a very clean design. What sets it apart from its siblings is that it is smaller and lighter, and featuring a uni-bar clamp system that’s an integral part of the frame.

Cake Osa electric motorcycle scooter

They sent us one of these clamps, and it is beautifully designed and well-engineered. With these clamps, you can attach a multitude of things, from baskets to lights to bags. Cake claims that there are 1000 different possible configurations.

The battery is meant to not only power the bike, but to serve as an off-grid power station. That may have come in handy for us here in California with our rolling blackouts.

Cake Osa electric motorcycle scooter
We spied these two early production Ösa models at SEMA when Cake was setting up their booth. We always respect embargoes, so they let us have this image to publish today on the official announcement.

The Ösa will come in two versions: The Ösa Lite, which operates as a moped with top speed of 30 mph, and the Ösa+, which will operate as a motorcycle, with a top speed of 63mph. The Ösa Lite will be priced at $6000, and the Ösa+ will be $8000


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