Cake Aik Launched

Cake Launches the new urban ebike for carrying loads.

The Åik is a heavy-duty electric scooter designed for commercial use. It has a long range and high cargo capacity, and can be customized with a variety of accessories to meet the specific needs of the user.

The scooter is ergonomically designed for comfort and features an adjustable seat, handlebar, and grips. It is also equipped with a power bank function that allows riders to charge electronic devices on the go. The Åik has a total gross vehicle weight of 200 kg and is available with one, two, or three batteries, with a range of up to 360 km (224 miles) and a battery capacity of 2250 Wh with three batteries. The batteries can be easily locked and secured to prevent theft.

Starting at $6470, the bike can be ordered now the first production run expected to ship in May 2023.