BRD Red Shift Kick Starts As Alta Motors

Alta3xDo you remember the BRD Red Shift electric motocross bike from a few years ago? Well don’t, because the Northern California e-moto company is now called Alta Motors. Although it is a same company, they have apparently gone back to the drawing board not only with some fresh designs for their motocross and supermoto themed bikes, but, with a new brand name as well. Welcome to the world of Alta Motors.

Alta is very seriously working on electric motocross bikes. This time around they have completely redesigned their frame, suspension and overall design. They have a claimed weight of 251 pounds (without gasoline—which it doesn’t use). Given that it has a converted horsepower rating of 40 horsepower that makes it comparable to a 250cc four-stroke in power, but about 25 pound up in weight (largely battery weight — 70 pounds). As with all electric powered vehicles, it is a rocket off the line and since you never shift it has lots of potential to go fast. And, theoretically it will run as long a bike with a full tank of gas before needing a recharge. However, recharging will leave you sidelined for quite awhile. The price? $14,000.

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