Bosch has announced a firmware update for their Performance Line CX, Performance Line Speed and Cargo Line. They boost the motor from 75Nm of torque to 85Nm, along with some other key features. These upgrades can be done by a certified Bosch dealer starting this summer, and are available for 2020 and 2021 Bosch motors listed above, specifically any 4th generation motor.


Bosch Gen 4 Firmware Upgrade performance line CX 4th generation 2020 2021 85Nm more powerThe 4th generation CX motors that offers 85Nm of torque, up from an already powerful 75Nm of torque, and a host of new tweaks on their eMTB mode, including what they call “Extended Boost”, to give you extra assistance in those technical climbing situations where a full pedal stroke will lead to pedal strikes, so a rider gets more support in a partial pedal stroke.


Bosch Gen 4 Firmware Upgrade performance line speed 4th generation 2020 2021 85Nm more powerFor the Speed line, which provides class 3 support up to 28 mph, there’s a noticeable boost at lower cadences and getting up to the high 20s is much easier.


There are two variants in the Cargo Line, regular (class 1, 20 mph) and Speed (class 3, 28 mph). Both receive the boost in torque that offers increased acceleration as well as more support at lower cadences. Uphill starts are even easier with the update.


Bosch does say that older bikes cannot be retrofitted to take the newer motors, as they’re all a different (smaller) form factor.