And a longer-range battery

Bosch steps it up every year, and this year is no exception. As of right now, you will start to see their new Smart System, which consists of a Bosch drive unit, a new control unit and display, their biggest PowerTube battery yet (750Wh) and their new eBike Flow app.

Bosch smart system e-bike eBike Flow App 750Wh long range battery

The new app will allow more customization within the system, as well as over-the-air firmware updates so Bosch can update motors and software to further optimize their system. They did a firmware update last year that bumped the torque from 75Nm to 85Nm, which was a palpable increase, and could be done at an authorized dealer. With the app, and the right Bosch hardware, users will be able to update firmware.

The new Kiox 300 display works with the new controller to put power control at your thumb and offer you all the information you need at-a-glance.

The new LED remote is connected with the eBike Flow app via Bluetooth and can access the internet. The remote is designed to be operated easily with your left thumb. The Kiox 300 display can be mounted wherever the rider prefers.

Bosch’s new smart system remote.


We’re looking forward to getting the new system soon to try it out!