Bosch Announces New Products For 2023

Bosch today announced several additions to their Smart System. CEO Claus Fleischer gave a presentation this morning, showing off their new ABS (Available in the U.S. in the fall of 2023), enhanced digital theft protection including an e-bike alarm system, new features for mountain bikes and cargo bikes.

Bosch New Smart System with ABS and cargo mode

All the Smart System components are connected via the eBike Flow app, and can be updated over-the-air this way. The bikes are now trackable in case of theft, and can alert a rider of attempted theft.

To expand the capabilities of cargo bikes, there will be a new Cargo Mode for those bikes, as well as a specific flavor of their ABS technology for cargo bikes, called ABS Cargo. They are also adding auto mode, which sounds to be similar to eMTB mode, for all bikes. We love that mode on mountain bikes.

On the mountain bike side, they’re making ABS Trail, which also has a Hill Hold function to prevent the bike from rolling back unintentionally when pushing it uphill. There’s also a new system controller and mini-remote to customize the bike’s controls for a truly minimalist look.

Bosch now offers PowerTubes up to 625Wh and PowerPacks up to 725Wh.