BMW C Evolution electric motorcycle
BMW’s increasing electric fleet. L to R: i3, C Evolution and i8.

BMW has a couple of significant electric vehicles, two for sale here in the U.S. The compact i3 car, and the sportier, sexier and many times more expensive i8. They’re also finally bringing in an electric scooter that had previously been available in Europe only for the past few years, The C Evolution.

It’s a powerful bike, putting out 48 hp (35kW) and 53 lb-ft (72Nm) of torque at the crankshaft. It uses the same batteries as the i3, allowing a claimed range of up to 99 miles. The bike accelerates at an impressive 0-30 time of 2.8 seconds. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 80 mph. The specs are pretty impressive.

BMW C Evolution electric motorcycle

With four power modes, riders can maximize performance and range. There is a regeneration built in, which BMW refers to as “Recouperation”, that is engaged any time the bike is coasting or braking.

Charging happens much faster with 220V, though regular household 110V works just fine. With 220V, fully charging a flat battery takes four and a half hours. 110V will take 9.5 hours.

There’s an optional top case and luggage carriers, as well as a wind screen, comfort rider seat, heated handgrips and more. Base price is a relatively extravagant $13,750. Not unusual for an electric motorcycle, as it’s similar in price to the Zero DS motorcycle we tested this year, and the specs aren’t that far off. It’s a good-looking bike,  something you’d expect from BMW.


BMW C Evolution electric motorcycle scooter