Black Friday Sales Are The Ideal Time To Get An E-bike!

Save money and get the e-bike of your dreams!

Everybody is kicking off the holiday season with a Black Friday sale. There are plenty of great deals we’re seeing from many manufacturers. If you don’t see who you are looking for below, check the website of the manufacturer you’re looking at, or check your local bike shop. It’s the perfect time to get your first e-bike or get a new one.

Aventon has a deal for $100 off any e-bike and $100 off your next purchase.

Aventon e-bikes Black Friday Sale


Serial 1, the Harley-Davidson e-bike offshoot, is having a sale for $1000 off any of their bikes.


Harley-Davidson Serial 1 electric bikes e-bikes black friday sale


EbikeBC is having a “Green Friday” sale, where you can save up to $650 on e-bikes, electric scooters, unicycles and conversion kits.

EbikeBC Green friday Sale Black Friday Sale


TurboAnt has a sale for $100-400 off, depending on model.

Turboant Black Friday Sale

Fiido has a 10% off sale on their bikes.


Bunch Bike offers 15% off all bikes and accessories.

Juiced has an extra $100 off e-bikes.


There are plenty of accessories that are on sale, as well.