Bike Test: The 2019 Stromer ST3

Stromer was founded in 2009 by Thomas Binggeli in Switzerland. The company opened its headquarters in Oberwangen, near Bern, and the entire facility’s energy is provided by solar cells. In fact, every battery that ships with one of their bikes is charged first by solar-derived energy.

In the years since they released the ST1 in 2011, Stromer has kept pace in the commuter category with a string of solidly built bikes that embrace levels of cellular connectivity to allow programming and monitoring. Their flagship last year was the ST2 S, a bike that boasts a nearly 1-kWh battery. We recently went to the launch of the ST5, their new flagship, and asked why there was a gap between the ST2 series and ST5. They said there was room for more models in between. Then a month or so later, the ST3 shows up on
our doorstep.

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