Bike Test: Pedego Elevate

We’ve ridden a lot of Pedego bikes. They have a similar feel, because most of them are beach cruiser-ish, feature a 500-watt Dapu rear-hub motor, a big battery mounted on a rear rack and monstrous, swept-back cruiser bars. Oh, and a throttle.

Well, last December we were invited to Pedgo’s dealer meeting where a first look was granted for the next model year’s bikes. When they revealed three different bikes with mid-drives, our jaw hit the floor. When they revealed three different motors, we were shocked! The City Commuter Mid Drive Edition has a Dapu mid-drive (tested in the August 2018 issue) and does have a throttle. The Conveyor incorporates a Brose mid-drive with a Gates belt drive (hence the “conveyor belt,” get it?). Finally, we get to the Elevate, Pedego’s first-ever full-suspension mountain bike.

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