A venerable name that is not related to a venerable name

As you may know, Electric Bike Action is published at the same company that produces Motocross Action and Dirt Bike. Their editorial offices are across the hall from ours. These throttle-twisting editors don’t usually pay much attention to the e-bikes they see us wheeling around. However, their interest level suddenly went up when they saw the KTM logo on the battery cover of the KTM Macina.

That reaction is not unusual for motorcycle guys, because KTM is a legacy motorcycle brand that has a reputation for building high-performance, championship-winning dirt bikes. However, despite the same name and embrace of the color orange, KTM’s bicycle business is actually the result of an unrelated company that purchased the naming rights for the bicycle division years ago. KTM bicycles have been popular in Europe for decades, and now they’re offering a line of bicycles for American riders too.

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