Our favorite folder for half the original price

When we first reviewed the original Gocycle G3 (February 2017), it not only proved itself incredibly innovative but simply a folding bike like no other. Its creator Richard Thorpe was a design engineer for McLaren’s Formula 1 program, and he brought with him design elements that are infused with a go-fast mindset.

Thorpe left his dream job to start Karbon Kinetics Limited and pursue the perfect electric bicycle. He went from designing cars that go over 200 miles an hour to an electric bike that goes a tenth of that speed. It took him seven years of research and development to produce the first Gocycle, which debuted April 2009. By 2011 they had sold out of the G1 and announced the arrival of a new G2. Gocycle entered the North American market in 2014, premiering at, of all places, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

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