Bike Test: Favaloro Excalibur

Albabici is an import company founded by Gianluca Caliari and Alessandro Godi with a goal of bringing some of the best that Italy has to offer in cycling accessories to the American market. One of the Italian brands they import are the custom road and mountain bikes built by a young craftsman located near Lake Garda. His name is Michele Favaloro, and for years he has been cranking out handmade carbon and aluminum road and mountain bike frames. 

Like everyone else, he, too, has seen the rise in popularity of e-bikes, so he decided to jump in the ring to see what he could build himself. With the help of Italian scooter motor maker Polini, they have created what we see here—a one-off aluminum e-road bike. 

Since everything that Michele builds is made to order, our test bike really represents a test mule for what the future will bring. When it comes to pedal bikes, custom sizing and paint are the hallmarks that Michele Favaloro has built his eponymous brand on. Will those same talents pass over to an e-bike? 

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