Bianchi Launches Entire New Line Of E-bikes

Welcome e-Omnia

Bianchi just announced their new line of electric bicycles, called E-Omnia. “Omnia” means “everything”, meaning there will be bikes for everyone. It’s a singular platform for three different types of bikes; commuter bikes, trekking/touring bikes and mountain bikes. This was the expansion from their initial e-SUV e-mountain bike and Lif-E project.

Bianchi E-Omnia electric bike

The platform is all outfitted with Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motors providing 250W of power and 85Nm of torque, and up to 340% rider support, and 500 or 625Wh batteries (Some models will have a dual-battery option), Front and rear lights are integrated into the frame, and put out 40 Lux for visibility at up to 100 meters, and to be seen by others as far away as 500 meters. Selected models will have optional ABS braking for safety.

All of the bikes integrate the Bosch Kiox display into their stem, offering it some significant protection.

Bianchi E-Omnia electric bike with Bosch Kiox display


The first model is called the C Type, for City, and it’s aimed at commuters. C Type bikes have a low step-through frame and an upright seating position, with the option of a 10-speed Shimano Deore chain drivetrain or a belt-driven Shimano Nexus rear hub with 5-speed internal gearing. The integrated rear rack can carry your stuff for work or an optional child seat can be attached.

Bianchi e-Omnia commuter bike

They’re priced starting at €3340.


The Touring bikes, called T Type or FT Type, The latter is a full-suspension touring bike. These also have an integrated rear rack.

Bianchi e-omnia touring trekking bike electric bicycle e-bike Lif-E e-SUV

Bianchi E-Omnia electric bike

The touring bikes start at €3370.


Their mountain bikes started with the e-SUV announced last year. They now have both hardtail (X Type) and full-suspension (FX Type) e-mountain bikes.

Bianchi E-Omnia electric bike

Note the asymmetrical rear swingers on the full-suspension FX Type. This is to avoid chainstay damage or noise.

The hardtail starts at €3450 and the full-suspension bikes start at €4800.

Bianchi offers a mind-bending 8500 different combinations of bikes, colors, sizes, etc., but they’ve made it very consumer-friendly with their online 3D configurator. The Bianchi E-Omnia configurator is available at:


The full presentation can be seen here: